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We sale imported and local cigarettes, cigars, pipes and Hukkah and its accessories.

Why I Not Seen Any SuttaStick Ads?

Most types of advertising platforms, including television, print media, etc, are banned by our Government from the promotion of any business related to cigarettes.

We agree with this and are happy to fully comply, as it is effective in preventing those under 18 from seeing any promotion related to cigarettes or smoking.

what is Owl SuttaStick?

We delivery cigarettes packs 24x7 and selected locations on pre paid orders.

What our Clients are saying

One of the best online stores I have orderded!

John Doe

Design Director

Excellent service and products!

Christiana Grant

PR Manager

I have been ordering from Cocoon for 3 months now and I can't be happier!

Owen Short

Sales Manager

We love all of your products!

Jane Doe

Fashion Store Owner

Great support , great design, great service! 100% satisfied!

Christian Grant

Web Designer

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